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finished and wrapped

Done. All of them. Wrapped. All of them. Making gifts is one of the things that I love about getting ready for Christmas. It helps me to prepare myself. But it also can get a me a little worried as I struggle to get everything in. Still, it was another good year of making, and here's a look at a few things that are safe to show:
A little cushion using Cate Anevski's Mischievous embroidery pattern.
flute player
A cushion/doll using Loobylu's embroidery pattern.
A happy trolley made from the Wee Wonderfuls book.
A banner using the Wee Wonderfuls Gnome pattern.

I'm quite happy with how they all turned out, and hope now that their recipients will appreciate them. Now, do tell. What have you made, what patterns and tutorials have you used and are you finished?


  1. Everything looks amazing!
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. They turned out really well!
    I'm impressed. I might have to try something like your cushion soon, it's too cute!
    I usually just make things up as I go along. It might turn out better if I had a plan!!!

  3. Oh, also I feel the need to gush over how cute your little olive logo is. I want to adopt it and love it like my own child... hehe

  4. Thank you! Meri, I do some planning and some making it up as I go. These were more planned, but I was still finding things to make last night for my two of my brothers!

  5. I made some ornaments using your Advent Tinies pattern to adorn some spritz cookie bags. (I'll post photos to the Flickr album after the holidays.) I also knitted a pair of bunny slippers for my friend, and a squirrel with wheels (from Knitting Mochimochi) for my friend's daughter.

  6. Those are so so cute!


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