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christmas wish lists (part 3)...

handmade christmas
I think we're at the last of our series of handmade Christmas wish list items. My fantastic sponsors and I have been sharing items that we love, and think you might love as well!

A wish list item from Michelle: If I don't get a puppy for Christmas (lol - would you consider puppies handmade??), I've really really had my eye on some goodness from one of my Etsy favorites (and also a fellow Vancouver-based shop) Flight Path Designs. (I bought my husband a belt last year for his birthday, and it's just gorgeous!!) I've had my eye on this amazing pirate ship necklace for a long while...But who am I kidding? I'd be insanely excited about anything from the shop!

See Michelle's beautiful blog, Scissor Quirk, for all kinds of inspiration. (And I do hope that necklace is wrapped up for Michelle on Christmas morning!)

From Katie: There are two handmade items on my Christmas list. One ridiculous one that I don't expect anyone would ever buy me: Forest, and one slightly more sensible....I'd love a book necklace like this one.

Read more from Katie, and see her delightful drawings at Green Bean Studio.

And finally, we have Kara: I just think these lace necklaces are the prettiest thing. So delicate, feminine, and quirky! Hey, Santa?

Kara shares lovely photos, deep thoughts, and more on her blog, I Just Might Explode.

And now it's my turn! I am SO loving this Alice in Wonderland inspired print. The green matches the walls in my work space, and more art is always a good thing, yes?

Oh, and I'll choose a second one too. My second handmade wish list item is that I would actually get all of my handmade projects finished in time! Things are going slow...yikes!

How about you? What handmade item is on your Christmas wish list?

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