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YIP2010 - 324

While all of these fun blog party things have been going on, I've also been celebrating away from the computer. I know, it seems like I've just been here posting and partying online (I have been here quite a lot, checking in, reading comments, smiling, etc.)!

But when I wasn't in the midst of blog party things, here's how my birthday day went...

I slept until 9, stayed in my PJs all morning, drank coffee and ate yummy cream cheese filled croissants. (I want no comments from Phil about this being a normal day for me!)

After receiving a few bonus gifts that I wasn't expecting, my sister and I went to Starbucks for a while. This meant more coffee (in my first red cup of the season!), and lemon pound cake.

As it is the day after Thanksgiving, dinner was leftovers, which I'm entirely fine with. I LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers! Afterward, my mom and I did some overdue craft planning (more on this at a later time).

Finally, I ended the day watching season 3 of Big Bang Theory on DVD, a gift from a friend. Oh yeah, and there was some pie and crocheting in the there too...

This has been my most mellow birthday yet (despite the Wild Olive name, I'm not exactly known for wild times!), but it has been so very lovely. And you've helped make it so!


  1. glad you had an awesome day!! hugs!!

  2. Happy Birthday! btw, i LOVE lemon pound cake! major weakness! :-)


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