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this is what i love...

This week I'm taking it easy and taking some time for inspiration. I'll be sharing a series of posts that feature things that I love. Nothing too serious, nothing too involved, just some things for fun.

Today, I have some of my favorite craft supplies. Mind you, some of these are obvious, but they're still fun! And so, this is what I love: Brown embroidery floss, transfer paper, and non-snag, one-piece Velcro.

the go to colors
(yes, this kind of Velcro is a bit expensive, but it's awesome...especially when working with felt!)


  1. Okay how have i never seen transfer paper? i know i'm a beginner as far as what i do with embroidery, but that would make things a lot easier I think! :-)

  2. Love the brown embroidery floss!

  3. How does that paper work? Is it iron on? When you draw the pattern on the material you are using do you use a washable media? I'm wondering becase everything I try doesn't wash out so I'm trying to decide what to do. Thanks!

  4. I love embroidery floss. I get all crazy when looking at pictures of them. ;o) And transfer paper is on my "to buy" list. :o)

  5. Woah, I've never seen transfer paper either.. must find some!

  6. Yeah, I'm also a little clueless when it comes to tracing paper and how exactly it works...

  7. Anonymous2:08 AM

    Would you be able to use this on Polar Fleece Fabric? I'm very happy you posted this...Who knew?
    Now I do,thanks to you!


  8. Hi, I am curious...What is the velcro for? And do you use transfer paper to draw on felt??
    I work with felt all the time and my biggest problem is to trace desing on it.

  9. There were enough questions about the transfer paper, that I'll write up a whole post on it.

    About the velcro: I use it mainly for little pouches and things like that.


I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!