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the supplies have arrived...

YIP2010 - 310

Hey! Look at these boxes! Do you know what they are? Caregiver Kits supplies! Do you know who bought them? My customers, sponsors, friends and supporters!

That's right, supplies for making 30 Caregiver Kits arrived at my house today, and they are all stacked up in the kitchen. We aren't going to assemble them just yet though, because we want to bring them to show the kids at church who are learning about serving others right now. We're going to let them help put these together a bit. So not only will the kits bless those who need the supplies, but they will give kids an opportunity to serve God and others.

Yay! These kits make me so excited, and I am SO THANKFUL to and for every single person that contributed this year. I'll still be back with one more update on these kits when they are complete, plus I do promise the rest of the soft kit that I've been making!


  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    How wonderful, Mollie!


  2. Very cool! Thank you for your outreach.

  3. awesome work!!! i love that the kids are putting them together too!

  4. great news! Good luck :)


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