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i love disney world...

While the blog has been posting things, I've been gone. At the beginning of the week I mentioned that this is a time of inspiration for me...it just happens that the inspiration is happening while on vacation. Rest is good, but the location is better. And so, this is what I love: Disney World.


I'll be back soon with more pics and sharing about the trip and lots and lots of ideas that have come my way while vacationing...it was a great time!


  1. oh lucky you! we were there this past June for my son's first trip, wow was it hot! someday i want to go and see the holiday decorations.

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I finally got to Disney 5 yrs. ago with my daughter. We had so much fun ! Before leaving I just had to go to Micky's . We stood in line forever and it was so worth it to this grownup (my daughter indulged me with going to this visit) Micky leaned over and kissed me! I wonder how many people that poor fellow has to peck a day ? Great photos, can't wait to see more.

  3. Definitely post more pix! I can't get enough Disney World. And what a great place to escape to!

  4. I love Disney World too! That statue is one of my very favorites. Our upstairs hall is dedicated to Walt Disney (told you I love Disney World o:) ). We'll be there for New Years - I can't wait! Would love to see some photos!

  5. Disneyworld or Land is the only way to properly recharge the happiness batteries ;) I've tried other substitutions... doesn't work. Hope you had a blast!!


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