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gifted, inspired, and things I haven't done...

I'm a skimmer. As in, when I read through my blog list, I don't read every single post, I get the idea and move on. (Otherwise all I would do is read blogs!) So I kept seeing posts about the new Gifted magazine, and I didn't really read it closely, and didn't know exactly what it was. But I knew I was starting to get tired of seeing it. Finally, I thought, I better see what all the fuss is about. Well, it's fantastic.

And I looked at it the same day that I discovered Inspired Ideas, The Christmas Issue. This is the magazine that I wish I had created. Look at it, pore over it, and be ready to find all kinds of amazing (inspired!) ideas!

The best and most wonderful things about of both of these is that they are completely free and completely online. And anyone can create and upload documents to the site that hosts them, Issuu.com. Do you have any idea how much this excites me? When I was about 12, I wanted so much to create a magazine. And now it's possible!

Do you know what's not possible? Me doing everything I had hoped to do.

in progress

I had these really great plans for a class this month, which became plans for an e-book and on Friday night I realize that I need to let go of this for now. All of the projects are planned out, photos have all been shot, and the writing is started, but to get it done in time would require devoting all of my time to this one thing at a time when I have a lot going on. So it will wait until next almost Christmas and it will be better than it could be now. And I feel better for it.

If you're on my mailing list and were waiting to hear more about the class...this is it. No class. Right now, anyway. The good news is that now I'll be able to focus on the other really good that are in the works!


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    You'll hate me for this and I SWEAR I am not a "grammar nazi", but I wanted you to know it's PORE, not pour. Probably a typo, but I always like to be helpful and make sure. Feel free not to post this, so everybody ELSE can hate me!!!!

    I do love your site! I pore over it with every new post :)

  2. No, actually I was suggesting that people should dump water on it. Kidding! Thank you for catching my error. It has been corrected!

    (and I'm leaving your comment so that others may learn from my mistake...)

  3. I'm already excited about your magazine, Mollie. And, thanks for the link to Gifted. I hadn't seen that yet and have to explore it some more when I have more time. Inspired Ideas makes me drool!


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