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catching up and looking ahead...


When returning from a vacation, it's like Monday x 30. There are so many things waiting. Even with trying to keep up with a bunch of things while I was away, I think that there is an item on my list for every one of the coins in this picture (taken at "It's a Small World". My plan for tackling all of this is to not sleep until 2011.

Er, maybe that won't work.

Oh well. At least almost everything that needs to be done is wonderful stuff. Be sure to watch this space, because there will be lots and lots coming. Every day. Sometimes more than once a day. Yeah, things are getting exciting...


  1. Yay, can't wait to see what's coming! Will check in again!
    Happy weekend!

  2. can NOT wait ! :D
    good luck for tackling everything, my friend !
    and I ♥ this photo !


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