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birthday fun from Erin...

Erin from Sunshine and Carousels has all kinds of good things to share...

First, stop by her blog and check out some decorating tutorials. They aren't birthday specific, but they are certainly easily adaptable! I especially like these medallions, her surprise invitations, and a seriously yummy looking recipe for carrot cake cupcakes.

Next, I asked Erin a couple questions...

Q: What's your favorite birthday memory?

A: My third year in college my best friends threw me a 'surprise' birthday party at a local restaurant and invited 40 of our friends and we had a hippie theme, pizza and cookie cake. We were all poor and in college and they made the sweetest gifts and handmade decorations and it was absolutely so much fun.

Q: What's your favorite birthday treat?

A: My favorite kind of birthday treats are just the time spent with my friends and family. I love it when people give me gifts with a lot of thought behind them or just do kind things for me. My perfect treat would be a night with coffee and board games and lots of laughter.

Sweet! And just to make this extra fun, Erin is giving away a $20 credit to her shop. Throughout this post you can get a look at the lovely things she makes, so you're gonna wanna enter for a chance!

Just leave a comment with your favorite birthday memory (be sure to include your email address so we can contact you). The giveaway will be open until Sunday night, and all winners will be announced on Monday. Good luck!


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    My favorite birthday memory is the awesome hamburger cake that my Mom made for my sister's birthday when she turned 8. It was amazing, and my other sisters and I were all very jealous, lol :-) surveypeters-@-gmail-.-com

  2. i will never forget my birthday a few years ago. it was so frosty and i was ice skating on a frozen pond with my father and my friends. it was such a wonderful, merry day! :)

    franzibloggt [at] web [dot] de

  3. My favorite birthday memory was when I was 21. My parent took me to Nashville, TN and we spent 3 days going to shows, shopping, and eating great food. It was lovely!

    rlwolf [at] ymail [dot] com

  4. My fave bday memory was the first birthday i spent as part of my hubby's family. We went to my favorite restaurant & I felt so loved & accepted & a real part of the family.

  5. My favorite birthday would be when my mom makes ice cream balls : ) You roll vanilla ice cream into a ball and fry corn flakes then roll them all over the ice cream ball, freeze and then when ready to eat drizzle with chocolate....yummy! email:manarose222@hotmail.com

  6. My favorite birthday memory was when my dad baked me cake and decorated with Ariel. I was really young, it was the best surprise ever! I was obsessed with the Little Mermaid then (twice a day!)


  7. For my 50th my husband gave me a hot air balloon ride! It was a blast!

  8. last year when i came home from work {on my birthday} my husband surprised me with a picnic by the lake. when we got there all of our friends were waiting with bbq and cake! it was quite wonderful :)
    i hope yours is wonderful, too!

  9. We spent my 5th birthday with my godparents. When we got home, my brother and the young lady who would be his wife, had set up a treasure hunt for me. I went from clue to clue, eventually finding my presents. I am 48, my brother is 62, and I still smile at that memory.

  10. My friends threw me a surprise birthday party and my best friend drove all the way out from Indiana to be there. I was totally surprised! Best birthday ever!


  11. when i was a kid, my mom made me a gorgeous barbie cake. there was a doll at the top and the bottom (which was the cake) was a beautifully decorated dress. it looked like something a professional made! i loved it!

  12. Mine was this past birthday of mine...it was the first one that my daughter was old enough to understand the whole concept!

  13. My favorite birthday memory was my 18th birthday surprise party! I absolutely love surprises, so I was thrilled that my friends & family put together such a large one for me!
    stateofnicole [at] gmail [dot] com

  14. Brenda10:30 PM

    My favorite memory was from fifth grade, when my best friends and I threw a surprise 50s party for our friend, complete with poodle skirts, milkshakes and fun music :)

  15. My favorite birthday memory was my sixth birthday and the pink dress I wore. My dad was wearing a striped tank top and had a huge beard. My best friend (now of 32 years) was there and we ate tons of ice cream!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  16. For my 18th birthday, my best friend helped me plan my birthday party. We spent the day at the park with my friends, doing relay races, playing games, and a pinata and everything. It was the perfect kids' party, made all the more fun because we were all high school seniors =]


  17. My favorite birthday was spent with a nice cup of coffee, relaxing with my now-fiancé. :)

    Happy birthday, Mollie!


  18. Hrm... favorite birthday memory? I suppose it's one of my recent birthdays where my husband surprised me by getting us a hotel room in downtown Charlotte (literally 30 minutes from our house)... it was so lovely to be close to home but NOT, and to be downtown during all the night's festivities made it feel like a totally different place and time!

  19. Julie Sakai8:30 PM

    going ice skating at the mall with my friends and having hamburgers at the restaurant next door.
    julie sakai