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birthday dance party with Kam...

 Happy birthday, Mollie!

I created this playlist with your birthday in mind. I wish you the best birthday ever and hope the music gets you in the mood to celebrate!

You better put your dance shoes on and take the phone off the hook...you'll just want to dance:

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Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day! I hope you eat tons of cake, get lots of crafty gifts, and wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed and a whole year wiser ;)

Love and floss,
Kam from Campfire Chic


Yes, it's still a little early for these beats, but all the better to start out the day! Thank you Kam for getting us dancing...Am I old if I admit that a typical dance party at my house involves Perry Como?


  1. How fun! Thanks for making this, Kam... I did pull out some old dance moves during this mix.

  2. Great mix! Well done Kam!


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