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31 things...

I'm not exactly sure why you might want to know all of this about me, but just in case, here are 31 things about me, Mollie!

1. My love of coffee started at age 5.
2. I don't handle confrontation very well.
3. I once considered becoming a pastry chef.
4. Free to Be You and Me shaped me as a child.
5. I love road trips.
6. I really don't like to drive.
7. Birds freak me out.
8. Alyssa Barlow of BarlowGirl was one of my best friends in middle school.
9. I have lived in the same house my entire life.
10. My sister and I are often confused for each other.
11. I am extremely frugal.
12. I really, really, REALLY don't like ice cream cake.
13. For years, my aunt got me an ice cream cake for my birthday.
14. My Google Reader currently has 173 subscriptions.
15. I have a collection of photos of animal butts.
16. Counted-cross stitch bores me to tears.
17. My sister and I own the complete collection of Danger Man.
18. I regret never learning to knit cables from my grandma.
19. The longest I've ever been by myself is probably 18 hours.
20. I would (REALLY) like to quit Facebook, but...just...can't...
21. Very seldom do I eat red meat.
22. I frequently count stairs.
23. I would love to be Meg Ryan's character in You've Got Mail.
24. When I was little, apparently I wanted to be a foot.
25. I have only seen one R-rated movie (and it was stupid!).
26. Sleep is my friend.
27. Leaving the house is not.
28. I collect Menorahs.
29. In a fit of anger, I once stripped my grandparents' bed.
30. I love my eyes.
31. I hate the lines that are appearing under them.


  1. this is my favorite post of the day so far. i *love* finding out little things like this about people. and i think it is so cool you have only seen one R movie.

  2. I demand a post of animal butts. PLEASE!

  3. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I'm with Andrea! Animal butt post would be fab! :)
    I too would like to quit Facebook, but can't, I really enjoyed reading this post and learning more about you...Thank you for such a wonderful celebration! Hope you've enjoyed it too! xo

  4. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Hi there,

    I was reading your blog, and it is interesting to me. I would like to invite you to my blog. If you follow me, I will follow you...


  5. I saw Barlow Girl in high school. I had my picture taken with them and had it on my wall for the longest time!

  6. Happy Birthday to you! Glad you got over the fact that you'll never be a foot. ;)

  7. I love Barlow Girl, that's so cool! :)

  8. no way to #8! i love barlow girl!

  9. I am 25, and sometimes I still bust out my copy of Free to be You and Me.


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