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saying goodbye (for now)...

Honey Honeys

I'm not going anywhere, but a few of my pattern sets are. I've decided that some are in need of updates, so over the next few months different sets will go away for a while. The first two sets to disappear will be the Honey Honeys and the Cinema Snackers. They will only be available in the shop until October 31.

Cinema Snackers Embroidery

Eventually, you'll most likely be able to get them again, but not necessarily in the same format. The pattern sets may look a little different, they may have more motifs included, they might combine with other things, or they may be used in new ways. It's unlikely that they will be completely gone, but it could be a while before they return. So, if you are interested in these sets and need them soon, now's the time to get them!


  1. I love the honey honeys pattern ... I think that was one of the first patterns I bought from you :)

  2. That little bumblebee is so cute!


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