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overwhelming things...

Here are some things that are overwhelming to me right now...

YIP2010 - 279

-Ideas that keep coming. (There are so many pages that are awaiting their turn to become real!)
-Grocery shopping for the family.
-All of the projects that I need to start.

next project

-All of the projects that I need to finish. (I'm not sure if a traced pattern counts as something to start, or something to finish...)
-Nearly one third of the month being gone.

Animal Crackers

-Ideas that start small, but end up big. (Wait until you see what this animal crackers idea becomes!)
-My sister completing her degree soon.
-The possibility of new endeavors.

The good news is, I think it's all gonna turn out okay...


  1. I think we all understand that list!! And yes, it will all turn out ok. Loved the scarecrow festival! What a great autumn celebration!

  2. Don't be overwhelmed! I'm so excited you have so many ideas, look forward to them taking shape on your blog, good luck!


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