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in my bag...

I've never done a what's in my bag kinda thing, so I think it's time. I only switched to this bag recently, which means that it's still rather tidy...

YIP2010 - 294

Here's what I've got, left to right:

Used Concert Tickets
Keychain (no keys)
Thread Bobbins
Briefcase with iPod
Burt's Bees
Sunglasses in Case
Cell Phone
Paper and Pen

What's in your bag?


  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Where did you get the briefcase?

  2. You have such cute things! :)

  3. Thanks, Sarah!

    dmara: the briefcase is from Loop NYC/Parcel, but I've had it for years. Not sure if they are still making them or not...

  4. Love, love, love the briefcase :)

  5. Cute! I spy a familiar sunglasses case ;)

  6. i have that exact same briefcase! yay, purses-shaped-like-underpants!!

  7. Yup. Thought they were underpants. Funny! Such colorful contents.

  8. I was looking (without reading) at those pants thinking "Pants! It looks like pants! But wait...I know Mollie...I mean, they're nice pant, but she wouldn't show her PANTS on her blog...would she?!"

    Then, much later:

    "Oh right. BRIEFcase. Hahaha!"

    I love that you have a thread bobbin! I am inspired...I may have to do a post like this!

  9. I'm afraid to play this game! I'll have to do it like you did, right after changing bags :)

  10. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I love What's In My Bag posts. I did one a few months ago about my diaper bag. Man, I didn't realize how much crap I carried in there! I love your bag and all your customizations :)

  11. Oh, dear. I only occasionally carry a diaper bag these days. That table would be covered in crumbs, socks that are too small for my wee one and some wet wipes from a Chinese restaurant, among the other stand-bys. I'd have to clean out my bag and then do the photo to keep my mother from being ashamed.
    I adore the skivvies along with everyone else. Underpants. giggle.
    And the random keyless chain. interesting...


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