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a different plan...


I had fully intended to have the last part of the soft Caregiver Kit to share today, because, well, there are just a few days left to have shop profits go towards making the Kits for World Vision. But things took longer today than I planned. The soft Caregiver Kit will come soon though.

Instead I'll show you what I bought for making my Halloween costume. Some lovely felt (even though it isn't wool) to make...er, I can't tell you just yet. But here are some hints: one of my favorite authors created this character, it's not human, and I'll end up being a male for the second year in a row.

Can you guess? It's going to be fantastic!


  1. he he - are we being the same thing? I know a something something that involves a Fantastic mister, but perhaps I'm just being an animation nerd in thinking this...lol. ;) Roald Dahl?

  2. oh, oh, oh! fantastic mr fox for sure!! i was just thinking of mrs fox for a costume last night but instead i'm going to be max in the wolf suit from where the wild things are. simply can not wait to see your costume!

  3. Yes, yes! I'm going to be Fantastic Mr. Fox (in a sort of mellow, understated sort of way). I'm so excited!

    And Michelle, if you like Roald Dahl, have you read/watched his Tales of the Unexpected? Creepy cool...

  4. I love it! Have you seen this video yet? It shows you how to make his head out of a paper bag and it actually looks really good. And the video's cute because they tried to make it Wes-style.


    I just finished my son's fox costume tonight! (not Fantastic Mr, just the woodland variety.)


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