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the tenth woodlanders desktop calendar...

October starts tomorrow, and it will bring some really good things! We need to start with a new desktop calendar though. So, grab one from the sidebar!

Now, here's a look at some upcoming October fun:

Caregiver Kits! I can't talk about them enough, so expect to hear a lot about this project throughout the month.

New sponsors! There are already a couple of folks that will be starting up soon.

Freebie patterns, including a guest Halloween set!

Giveaways! A bunch of them. (Some here, and a few other places too!)

News and peeks of an upcoming project for Christmas!

Lots more things that I probably don't even know about yet...I'm so excited about October!


  1. October! October!

    email me your address and I will send you a fall twenty ten playlist!!

  2. Loving the colour of this month's calender! Hooray October!

  3. I look forward to hearing about your 'caregivers kit'. Will you talking about this soon? I'm thinking of Christmas kits for people in our ALS Support Group.

  4. THankyou for the new desktop wallpaper, I love them! Mentioned your last one on my site too. Excited about all your up coming plans yey!


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