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new items coming soon...

I've been working on some new items for the shop, and some of them feel like they've been in the works for a long time. Maybe because they have. Sometimes I guess that just happens. Anyway, here are some new things that are coming to the shop. There are still a few finishing touches, but I'm aiming for Thursday to update the shop.

banner pieces...

My printable celebration banner will now be available with the Happy Birthday characters on it! And not only does it have the customizable banner pieces, but it also has...

printable pin the tail on the donkey!

A mini pin the tail on the donkey game!

Now, get ready for the night of the living cute...

Creepy Cuties

I've teased you enough with my embroidery, although Kim correctly guessed that those were bunny slippers. But not just any bunny slippers, they are Zombie Bunny Slippers! This is a set of Creepy Cuties done Wild Olive zombie style!

Creepy Cuties

The set also includes a rainbow, a cupcake, a coffee cup, an apple, a flower, and more. They are too cute to be dead!

1+1=1 printable print

Finally, I've been working on some new printable prints. They feature my 1+1=1 illustrations, but done in embroidery style on a fabric background. They are printable files, meaning you download them and print them yourself either at home on nice paper, or at a photo lab. You'll get a set of 4 designs in 8x10 (which you could print smaller).

Now, I have a giveaway/favor to ask. I am giving away a set of my 1+1=1 printable prints to one lucky, and helpful reader! Helpful, because in order to be eligible to win this, I need you to be willing to print at least one print, and let me know how it worked for you. You get to be a winner AND a tester!

To enter the giveaway, leave your name, the brand name of your printer, and a way to contact you! I'll choose the winner Wednesday morning at 9am CST. Good luck, and thank you!


  1. So cute!! I've got a Canon Pixma 4000 printer!
    heypooks at gmail dot com

  2. Love the Zombie bunny slippers!
    I have a HP Color LaserJet 2600 and an Epson Stylus Photo R1900 plus a couple other smaller ink jets.

  3. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I love the look on the zombie bunnies faces!


  4. I'm so excited for these! I may have to buy the pattern set even though college is robbing me blind right now... I have a canon MP620 :)


  5. Hi!
    They're soooo cute.
    I have a Kodak ESP 3 All in One.

  6. How CUTE!! Thanks for the "tester opportunity"!
    I have a Cannon 870. Thanks again!


  7. Lots of cute stuffy today! Can't wait to see more of the too cute embroidery patterns. I'd be glad to 'test' for you! :)

  8. Anonymous5:16 PM

    loving all your new stuff :-)
    ive got an Epson R200

  9. so adorable! wait, can zombies be adorable? yes!
    i have a canon pixma.

  10. Those zombie bunny slippers are AWESOME!

    I have a lexmark Z1300

    Amanda H (from facebook) :-)

  11. So cute the donkey game!!

  12. Love the 1+1 concept and the bunny slippers!
    I have an HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m.


  13. Sooo lovely!
    I don´t know my printer´s ID, but it´s a colorlaser from KODAK. I would love to do the testprinting for you!!!

  14. I have an HP DeskjetF4280~love the bunnies!

  15. I would love to be your tester! I have ah HP Officejet J5780 All-in-One

  16. Anonymous10:05 AM

    ZOMBIE bunnies!! Of COURSE!! Fabulous!! I'm still pressing my embroidery designs onto fabric with an iron :) or else I'd enter. Good luck to one and all!! Molly

  17. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I've seen zombie bunnies. I've seen bunny slippers. But now, I know I can die feeling satisfied and complete. Ha ha! Too cute!

  18. Ok, does the first picture MEAN to say "ohai"?! cuz it totally does. :)

  19. Emma! That's hilarious...I didn't notice it until you pointed it out!


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