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kicking myself...

We had to cut down a small-ish tree that had a rough winter a few years back. It tried to come back, but never quite made it, other than a few tiny sprigs of new leaves. Finally, this year we gave up. The pieces of cut up trunk were sitting by the curb, and I thought, I should cut those (read: have my dad cut those) into slices that I could paint.

Then today I saw these coasters that are screen printed, and I thought, I should try something like that. But guess what? Yesterday they came for brush pick-up, and I never grabbed the tree pieces. I am kicking myself.

YIP2010 - 201

I suppose I'll need to wait until the next time there are some large branches or logs around. In the meantime, it did inspire me to take out a block of wood and at least do some painting. This will soon have a very special face on it, which could even inspire a whole new style of artwork for me. We shall see...


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