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i'm giving up ...

Do you scrapbook? Michelle does, and she is VERY good at it. Her layout where she created page-friendly yarn balls was fantastic. Danielle does, and she has some of the cutest, most fun kits available. Her fabric covered buttons kit kills me! Kara does, and her work is so, so lovely. Not to mention she has some pretty necklaces in her shop right now...they are sort of scrapbook-ish, but on a chain.

I need to tell you something. I have no interest at all in this medium.

splish splash!

I'm not sure why, exactly. In a lot of ways there's a similarity between graphic design (at least in some forms) and scrapbooking. You know, the laying things out to please the eye, and to make sense, and to organize. But I can't do it. I can admire pages that other people do, but I just don't get it.

Road Trip collage journaling

I've tried making "digital collage sheets" and a few other things like this, but they don't sell very well. I have a sneaky feeling that it's because I'm trying to make something that I just don't understand. I try and do collage journaling with the elements, but again, it doesn't work. It's like I'm a fraud when it comes to this...

hearts day journaling...

So, I think I'm giving up on this type of item. At least for now. Better to put my time and energy into the things that love. Things like stitching, and making, and perhaps still a bit of printing.

Whew! I feel better getting that off of my chest!


  1. LOL! Scrapbooking certainly isn't for everyone! For someone that doesn't like it though I do like your pages and your embellishments :o)

  2. Yeah, I couldn't get into scrapbooking either, I tried but failed miserably;)

  3. i think your digital collage sheets are super-fun and creative! i agree, you should put your time & energy into things that you LOVE and things that you feel most comfortable with, but don't sell yourself short...they are/were great for card-making & journaling (for me). i work in a paper store and i think that scrapbookers tend towards die cuts & stickers...

  4. I did one scrapbook, and that was it. Sadly, I accumulated enough supplies for about 50 scrapbooks in the process. Maybe I should trade that stuff off...

  5. Anonymous11:29 AM

    It took me soooooo long to finally admit to myself (and others) that I don't like scrapbooking. I think my main problem is that I dislike my handwriting- which is sort of an important part of the whole process.

    I am much happier stiching and quilting.

  6. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Oh Mollie I am not a scrapbooker either. I tried and have one book finished of my 4th child in NICU! You have relieved me of guilt!! LOL

    I find also you can just use pics out of magazines to journal and that doesn't take much thinking on my part! LOL

  7. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I have tried scrapbooking but I find it hard. I do have a few good layouts that people have liked but it is really hard. I have turned to digital scrapbooking, which I like but again I do struggle a bit with it. I might do a page or so every now and then but it is not easy. I can't draw and wish I could and I can't paint. Plus my sewing is awful. At least you can sew. I have my cardmaking!

  8. For me, scrapbooking is best done with friends. I haven't been able to really get back into it since moving to FL over 4 years ago. Your attempts are lovely...

  9. I agree, I've tried several times and I love to look at other people's work, but I don't think it's for me. Your designs are wonderful though!

  10. Hi! I just found your site through Danielle. Your collage sheets are awesome! Would you consider selling them digitally? I love the Office Workers one. I am a big-time scrapbooker (mostly digi, but do some paper too) but I do it for myself. It's my creative outlet. Even if all my pages are about my kids. Anyway, I am about to sign up for your stitching class. I am a total newbie at it but have always wanted to try.

    p.s. I am a fan of all those scrappers you mentioned :)

  11. Thank you all so much! It's good to know that I'm not alone in this...

    Scrapcat: Do you mean with each element as its own file?

  12. Oh! Thanks for the sweet words, lovely! :) You're totally not alone - lots of people have no interest in it...lol. I, however, looove your lil collage guys & your lil collages & the fact that you tried to give it a go despite being wary of it. :) But much agreed that you should stick to making what you love love, cuz it'll come across & sell well if it's your passion. :) You're the best!

  13. Ha, well it's not for everyone. But you can rock the stitching, so it works out well. :)


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