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contents without value...

There are some days when I feel as though there are a million things that I have to share here on the blog, and then other days when nothing is planned. When I don't have anything planned, it makes me feel...almost listless. Like I might not ever come up with anything. And then I realize that I'm being silly, because there is always some crazy or fun thing going on around here...

no value

Today I have a box whose contents apparently have no value. At least that's what it wants you to think. The top of the label makes one think otherwise. A peek inside confirms this:

little things

There are wonderful things, and lots of them!

people close
sledding scene
gift package

Ah yes, a gift indeed! This instant collection came to me from my grandma's house, but it belonged to my aunt Hazel. She was not always the nicest person (at least, this is how I remember her), but she had some really cool stuff, let me tell ya!


  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I love getting boxes and packages. They always makes me happy too! I hope you had a good day enjoying going through them :-)


  2. I'm swooning at the little wooden people and animals!!! You lucky, lucky gal! :)

  3. What a fantastic treasure box! I love the matchbox scene.

  4. i just got through drooling all over my keyboard as i stared at these lovelies over on flickr! i think that you can probably forgive aunt hazel her not-so-nice ways now. ;) can you forgive me for wanting to possess these in all of their teeny tiny glory??!

  5. greetings from saxony. ;)


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