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preparing for egypt...

Sometimes I mention that a regular part of my life is working with kids and families at my church. And in fact, my whole family does this (my dad is the children's pastor). But I don't always show the things I/we do to prepare for all that goes on. Today, I have a little behind the scenes of things that are coming together for next week.

Starting on Monday, our church will be presenting Group's Egypt: Joseph's Journey from Prison to Palace. It's a Vacation Bible School, but we are doing it in the evenings so that families can participate together. It has been a lot of work, but we're getting close and I think it will be fantastic! Hopefully I'll have pictures next week of the final product, but here's where we're at right now.


I've always been fascinated by ancient Egypt, so hieroglyphics are familiar. But when it came down to actually writing them...

YIP2010 - 158

I resorted to a projector. This large poster (still waiting to be actually painted) will go on the wall of the hieroglyphic shop in our marketplace.

sarcophagus lid

A full-sized sarcophagus lid that people can decorate in the embalmers shop. I'm so thankful that my dad is handling this one!

YIP2010 - 159


There are at least 20 projects that families can choose from in our marketplace, but these pieces of cardboard and yarn are for one of my favorites.

paddle doll

A paddle doll! I love that this was a real thing that Egyptians had. And it's kinda cute too. (Remember Plank from Ed, Edd, & Eddy?)

line up

We've been making tons of costumes, but no pictures of those right now. Actually, most have been simple. We took large pieces of extremely inexpensive white fabric, cut a next hole in the center, left the sides open, and added a sash. Then we cut Egyptian collars out of felt. They work really well! I get a fancy costume because...my mom is being sweet! (Can't wait to show you...as soon as it gets made!)

There are so many things filling these bags, not even counting the packets of family activities, and games, and set pieces, and...

It goes on! I do want to say, if anyone is planning on doing an Egyptian type of event for kids/families, or even this particular VBS, and you have questions about the extra things we're doing, let me know! We had to find some lower-cost items, and I'm happy to share ideas!

Have a wonderful rest of the day folks! (And remember, tomorrow...Beyond Fabric & Floss registration at NOON CST!)


  1. We're doing the same VBS at our church so any additional ideas would be most welcome!

  2. send me an email (molliejohanson [at] gmail [dot] com) and I'll list out all of the things we're doing, plus I'll send you some printable templates I created for projects!

  3. I hope I can get motivate to do something cool when I have to teach at VBS too! lol Your projects look great! ~Shelley

  4. what a great idea to do it in the evenings! we are having our church VBS meeting next week and I am going to bring that up. what your doing by way of visual and crafts looks great!


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