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my blog is back...

Oh, how I've missed you! Maybe you didn't know that I was gone, and OK, so it wasn't very long. But Blogger was having issues last night and today, and I've been getting anxious while waiting to post.

Here is a bit of what's going on...

blurred stitches

This is something that I've been doing, and also how I'm feeling. Which is, learning some new stitches (that there is the bonnet stitch) and feeling in a blur. Why the blur? There's just a LOT going on right now, with lots of things happening all at the same time. I'm hoping to show a bit of "behind the scenes" tomorrow.

I received a sweet note from a little person who doesn't quite have this whole, writing and spelling thing down yet. Mind you, I'm not sure what it means, but it helps after a long weekend of siblings trying my patience. (I lost it at one point, stomping my foot. It hurt so much that I was limping on it for a few hours. Lesson learned.)

Recently, my sister shared this video, which is so lovely:

Let's see...what else? I don't know. But I do know that I'm all tired out. Regardless, the things that are tiring me out are good things. And that is worth a lot.


  1. Well if that was a break, I'm excited to see what your active posting is like;)....that video was great, so cute, and how much do I want that dress she's wearing!!!! If the UPS guy would ever bring me my sewing machine, I might make it!

  2. Doesn't that make you crazy? When I'm waiting and I hear the truck and it doesn't stop...grrr...

    And yes, that was a very short break. But blogging is such a part of my daily routine that when it's not there, it throws me for a loop!


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