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drawing up stitches...

YIP2010 - 162

Recently I was thinking about how it might be interesting to create some illustrations that look like they have been embroidered. Different from a pattern...more like a full color illustration of a completed embroidery. It would be different from my usual style, and more complicated. But it could be a nice blend of two things I love.

And then last night I got an email from someone looking to have a tattoo designed. A tattoo that looks like it was embroidered. Interesting...

So I started sketching what stitches might look like.


  1. I think this is really interesting Mollie, and has huge potential for some really gorgeous drawing :D

  2. I was doing that last week in work... I drew an eye, the lash line was split stitch with 3 straight stitch eye lashes, satin stiched iris bordered in back stitch and a stem stitch eyebrow. It made me really want to embroider it. I haven't yet, the drawing is currently a bookmark, it's a pity I can't stem stitch as nicely as I draw it. I just can't quite get it right, it's very frustrating.

  3. Jerksica11:44 PM

    I, too, have been thinking about an embroidery style tattoo. I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with while brainstorming this project. I'm seeing beautifully detailed flowers and simple running or satin stitch text I've also thought a great deal about crochet inspired tattoos. I think you've just inspired me to start brainstorming! :)


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