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today I am...

box man

...still smiling at this box my sister decorated yesterday.

...waiting anxiously for a package of lovely things to arrive.

...relearning algebra to assist my brother.

...getting ready for a baseball game tonight.

...thinking that I should get something checked off of my long list.


  1. oh i like your list...... that box is too cute - are you going to use it for something???

  2. very cute box! is it an in-box? an out-box? an art supply box? do tell what the clever little box serves for its brilliant purpose. I'm ever so curious :)

  3. Currently, it is holding projects and supplies. The girls loves her glue!

  4. sweet box! i always wanted a little sister!

  5. Seems like you are having a wonderful week. What an adorable box. Good luck on your to do list. Have a great day!


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