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paralyzed head-spinning...

Perhaps you can relate to this. When I have a lot of things that I a) could do, b) should do, c) want to do, I am often incapable of doing them. It's as though my head begins spinning with all of these thoughts and ideas, and suddenly, I'm paralyzed. Unable to do any of them.

I had this feeling today, and it isn't the first time. But it does worry me, because, how long will it last? Will I get anything done? What am I doing? Ahhh!

YIP2010 - 131

Stopping can help. But today mundane tasks saved the day. Actually, it was sorting out Sunday School curriculum papers. It didn't require too much brain power, needed to be done, and it took my mind off of the other things floating around in my head.

I think that tomorrow I may be ready to move forward again. But if the blog seems a little quiet, or well, blah for the next few days...you'll know why.


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    I get like that, too. I have lots and lots of ideas, but I cannot get anything started and what's started doesn't get finished. Arrrrgh.


  2. Dear Mollie. I relate! In fact I had a similarly frustrating day yesterday, and I often think we make it worse for ourselves once the anxiety kicks in about how long it'll last, will I ever manage to start anything ever again...?

    You think, having been through this feeling a million times before I'd eventually learn that it passes every single time and I will be able to be productive again. But I don't. It sweeps me off my feet every time!

    I hope you're feeling better today :)

  3. Mollie, over the years (a lot of them), I've realized that this paralysis thingie is part of the creative process. It happens to me when something new is trying to emerge but is not quite ready. I feel restless, like I need to move forward, but I can't yet. The good news is that it's almost always followed by a blinding burst of creativity. I can't wait to see what you're about to bring forth!


  4. Ah - I have that a little, too - right now! lol. When I have too many impending projects & don't know where to start, I end up either doing little unproductive things on all of them, or nothing. Agh! I think your method is right-on, though: something mindless will clear it all out & you'll be back at it in no time! :)


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