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may welcomes...

(I realize that it's May 3rd, so this comes a few days late, but there were other things going on.)

Welcome May! I can't believe that we're now in the fifth month of the year. Whoa. With a new month comes...

The May desktop calendar. It features Restless Violet (which you may remember is the name of Catherine's blog...and this illustration is named for her). The embroidery pattern will come soon, I promise...even in time for a quick bit of stitching for Mother's Day. For now, you'll find the desktops in the sidebar.

Also, an official welcome to my new sponsors! If you're reading this in a feed, please stop by the actual blog so that you can visit Katie's, Michelle's and Kara's delightful blogs.

And, and, and...I'm getting oh so close to 1000 posts here, and 1000 sales in my shop. They could even happen on the same day. To celebrate, I'm going to have a giveaway. A BIG one, different from any giveaway I've ever done, or ever participated in. I'm soooo excited, so be watching for it this week. Woooo!


  1. I love these desktop backgrounds! I've been using them now for about a year and it's so fun to put up the new one each month. Thanks!!

  2. just found your blog through Kara's, and it's FAB!!! congrats on your 1000 posts xxx


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