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ideas for floss holding...

I've been looking through all of the products on the DMC site lately (for reasons that I'll share soon), and their horse floss holders caught my eye. Horses aren't really my thing, but the idea is good.

In all honesty, I should probably give up on keeping my floss organized. But at least I'd like it to be less tangled, which is why these floss holders from Girl on the Rocks are so attractive to me. (You know, that and the fact that they are too darn cute!)


1. Matryoshka Embroidery floss organizers, 2. Owl Embroidery Floss organizer

But then I got to thinking, maybe I could make my own. Ponoko has been calling out to me, and this would be a good opportunity to have some acrylic or bamboo cut. And so I started sketching a little.

floss holder ideas

But perhaps I could do something on my own here at home...I pulled out the Crop-o-Dile.

wooden floss holder

And punched a hole in a wooden disc. That works. But it's a little small. I could get a larger piece though. Hmm...or perhaps recycled cardboard?

YIP2010 - 147

With a little bit of felt, it became a ladybug, with a spot from my needle to be stored too. I like it.

But I feel like the idea could be explored more. So, here's the deal. Would you like to brainstorm with me? Let's toss around some ideas for shapes and materials...and who knows what kind of fun we could come up with!

Oh, and thank you for the ideas about the pearl cotton storage...this is all sort of related and I am trying not to just give up and have it all go in a big bag!


  1. AHH too cute! It's funny because I didn't discover these until about 2 weeks ago when I was researching cross stitch stuff. It's such a great idea esp when working on multiple projects on the go like I do. My current project came with a paper one and the previous owner of the kit had organized them already but I thought it was such a neat idea and then I found out they make plastic ones too!

    The lady bug is perfect! The more round shapes seem to work better- preventing tangling and maximum amount of colors.

    Thinking of shapes you already have characters for-

    Beach ball?

    OLIVE!! (Duh and I wrote that as I typed it so you can hear the excited expression of the epiphany as it hit me hahaha)

    Crab (I'm from Maryland Hon hahaha) or Lobster


    (can you tell summer's on my mind?)

    Almost all your shapes would work actually! I went to your shop and refreshed my memory on all the patterns but one caught my eye- your Make Do Create logo! Inspirational and Motivational hahaha

    I love the idea of the felt and I think I notice one thing missing from all the thread holders I've seen so far- a whole for a ring loop attachment or a carbiner type thing to hold the thread keeper to a bag. I feel like with the paper one I'm working with now it gets all smashed in the bag and I have to dig it out but if it were kind of tethered, similar to how I've seen scissors in travel sewing kits, that might help.

  2. You made me explore some more- Did you see this one? http://www.flickr.com/photos/39196147@N06/3854763979/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/39196147@N06/3855553906/in/photostream/

    I don't think this one is really you but it was still really creative I think- http://www.flickr.com/photos/loungekat/3944451858/

  3. An OLIVE! Why didn't I think of that? Such great ideas...

    Also, I saw one made of polymer clay: http://www.flickr.com/photos/purpletx/3240049585/

  4. Wow, too cute. It's funny because just this past week I've been trying to figure out the best (and now the cutest) way of storing my floss.

    As for ideas, hmmm...I will think about and get back:)

  5. I have no ideas right now, because I am unorganized, but I love your ladybug...

  6. This is so cute! Your lady bug is fantastic and I like that it's made of felt. I think a pear would be cute! I also like the idea of trying polymer clay.

  7. I use the DMC stitch bow to hold my floss - I like that they keep the floss taut. I don't use the plastic sleeves, though.

    I keep intending to make something like a crayon roll to hold the floss.


  8. Oh what a treat! I was just catching up on your blog and saw that you mentioned my floss organizers - thanks so much. Your designs look so cute!


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