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YIP2010 - 124

I have been reluctant to get into hexagon piecing, even though I find them so attractive. I love the hand sewing part of it, and of course, they are small and small is fun. But you know, it's another thing.

So when I found this hexagon pincushion from Barefoot Shepherdess, I thought, oooh! There's a little hexagon project that I could actually try! And so I printed out some templates, and may just do this.

What things do you want to try, but haven't because you already have so many other things going?

(ps: this is post #999...big things are coming!)

1 comment:

  1. I've really wanted to make granny squares to make a blanket, for at least 2 years. Something always comes up, or I just chicken our or get frustrated (come on here, I'll be honest --it's the latter). But last night, something clicked and I completed my first granny square. Shit, it's actually more of a star, but I'm going to count it anyway! Congrats on making your adorable pin cushion - I've been wanted to make one of those too. I love needle point and sewing things, but don't get around to it often enough (I do more paper arts things/mixed media). Love your blog!


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