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bottom of the pile...

potential project

This is something that has been planned for nearly three months. I saw this (gorgeous!), and thought, I could try something like that. So I cut out a template to try, and made a simple version out of cheap felt, and gave it to my sister. It needed a bit of attention, but generally, I liked the look.

But, I just can't seem to get back to it and make it into what I want. It ends up on the bottom of the pile. Over and over.

Do you have anything like that?


  1. haha only about a billion started projects that end up cast aside until I either get back into the mood or I get time.

    I told you about the beach quilt that I started last summer. I also have the stitched wreath, the set of camera hoops and all those non journaled crap pages of course.

  2. I have sooo many of these projects. I should start posting about them, shouldn't I?

    Hmm, maybe I should start a flickr group for Perpetually Unfinished Projects!


  3. SongBird, I started making a group like that on Flickr, but never finished....kidding! Seriously, I think it's a great idea, and one that would have a lot of pics added. Sort of encouraging to know you're not alone in this, not finishing things...

  4. Hah ha! It's done! Perpetually Unfinished

    I've put three things into the pool, and I'll add more after I take pictures of them all!



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