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a big announcement...

I've been itching to share this, and now...without further ado...

This summer, I'm teaching on online class!

The Embroidery Project: Beyond Fabric & Floss

The Embroidery Project: Beyond Fabric & Floss will be a five-week class, hosted on a private blog. I'll be sharing techniques for embroidering ON different types of materials, stitching WITH different types of materials, and even some different uses for embroidery patterns. I'm really excited, because I've got some wonderful folks who are going to contribute special embroidery patterns, and a few amazing guests who have offered their valued advice to the class.

More info and registration will come in early June, and the class will begin in July. For now, I'm busily stitching away and creating some way fun projects. There's so much work that goes into this sort of thing, but I'd rather work hard early on so that the class itself goes smoothly for me and all who sign up.

Now...I have some merit badges to design!


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    How much is the class? If it is not to much i would love to take it.

  2. How awesome is that, Mollie! I look forward to hearing more about the class..that is exciting!

  3. Wow! I stumbled upon your lovely blog, thanks to Our.City.Lights, and I am NOT disappointed! I would love more info about the class; embroidery has surprisingly tickled my fancy. Wonderful blog!

  4. YAY!! I'm so excited!

  5. this looks awesome!
    cannot wait to hear more!

  6. I just found your site and so glad I did, I look forward to hearing more about the class!

  7. Yea! I'm so excited about this, Mollie! I posted a link to your announcement on my blog. You can see it here: http://needlework.craftgossip.com/take-an-online-class-from-mollie/2010/05/18/


  8. this is soooo exciting! i can't wait to hear more :)

  9. mollieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, when do we get all the details? i totally want to join but want to know dates, price, details, etc.


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