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ummm: making lipstick

Yeah, so I'm not so sure about making lipstick out of crayons. It sounds like something you try as a kid. And yet, I'm intrigued...


  1. Haha, that is DEFINITELY something that I did... or maybe still do! :D

  2. Hmmm. Not so sure about this. I made lip balm in the past and used wax and oils, but crayons? I might have my 15yo try it!

    BTW- I popped on over from FN. LA sent me :)

  3. Hey....I checked out your shop. Super cute embroidery patterns. I especially love the Seasiders. I am a little crab myself (a cancer) and could use a little embroidered crab in my life. Thanks for sharing your bog with us!

  4. Anonymous12:06 PM

    i'm totally intrigued! let me know how this works out...i want to try.

  5. just found you through LA's blog and i'm so glad. i love your shop and your cute blog. and this lipstick idea seems pretty interesting... :D
    i'll be back to see how it goes!


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