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promoting my blog...

look at meeee

When you have a blog, I realize that in a sense, you are promoting yourself. After all, this blog is about me and my life and the things that I make, do and create. But believe it or not, I really don't like self-promotion. It just feels funny.

And yet, I find that I need to do it.

This is my personal blog, but it relates to my business. And ultimately, I'd like this to be a bigger part of my work. So I'm working on that...and I'm seeking a little bit of help.

First of all, this month I'm sponsoring Freckled Nest. Leigh-Ann has lots of fun things to share there, so be sure to visit her. You'll find my ad in the sidebar.

Now, for those of you who have little icons or "widgets" of your favorite blogs in YOUR blog sidebar, I'd like to have some available for you to use. But this is where I need some help. There are a couple options for this. 1) I could have images available, like this. or 2) I could have the images and the code available like this.

For either of those options, I'd love to hear if you have preferred sizes. And for that second option...does anyone know how to set up that code like that? I've searched, but haven't found help yet.

And let me just say, I LOVE that many of you have added me to your blog roll, and have a link to me on your blog. Thank you so much! It really makes me feel loved. Keep helping to spread the word...

I really appreciate you!


  1. Yay! great idea. I thought Leigh-Ann knew how do do all that coding so I'd ask her first. The buttons I have on my blog are just images I made and linked so really they aren't code per say. I'd love to see what you come up with when you get there!

  2. I've found a couple of really good tutorials out there. Here's a couple of links:
    They're all pretty much the same and easy to follow. You can find more by googling button with grab box or something to that extent.
    I've been meaning to make my own for the longest time, but I really don't have the time right now or ideas, which makes me slightly sad.
    Hopefully you'll find those helpful!

  3. Liz: Leigh-Ann is super web savvy, so she could explain it, but she's also got a lot going on right now, so I didn't want to take up extra time.

    Josey: Thank you! I was certain that google would find help...but I wasn't searching for "grab box". I was lost as to what to call that. You're a life saver!

  4. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I guess I am not seeing the difference in the two links. But either way I will add it to my blog. I more or less blog for therapy and journal. If someone reads it then it I hope it is a positive place to visit

  5. I have your blog in my favourites blogs sidebar because i love your work and i like read about your new projects ^^ Best regards!

  6. Haha I just heard LA's Big news!! I totally see why you're asking :P Glad you got lots of other good info/responses though!!!

  7. Haha I just heard LA's Big news!! I totally see why you're asking :P Glad you got lots of other good info/responses though!!!

  8. i just re-discovered your blog via Freckled Nest the other day and was so happy I did! :)

    Do you still need the code? I have some that looks like Rachel's, if you want it - feel free to e-mail me: michelle.a.clement@gmail.com

    And good luck with the promotion! I feel the same way about it, but it needs to be done sometimes. :) he he.

    Your blog is lovely!


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