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the lipstick follow-up...


To tell you the truth, when I mentioned that lipstick from crayons tutorial, I wasn't thinking that I'd actually do it. I mean, come on. The idea is a little weird. But with the encouragement of your comments, I gave it a try.

Here's how this went down.

I used three colors of crayons. I did not expect them to be this bright. Instead of regular baby oil, I used baby oil gel, which seemed to work just as well. The baby oil smell is not especially a favorite of mine though. My beeswax was from a candle making kit, and was easy to break into pieces, making it melt faster.

YIP2010 - 114

Everything went just as the tutorial said it would. But...

The texture of this is a little strange. The top pic is me being silly, and it smooths out more than that. But it's definitely more waxy than regular lipstick. I can feel it all on my lips (of course, I'm not a big lipstick fan anyway...I'm more of a gloss kinda gal).

But this was a lot of fun to do! My little sister was extremely interested in it. And it didn't cost much. Or really, anything...I had this stuff around.

I've considered adding a feature to the blog where I try out unusual DIYs from around the internet and do a review of they went. What do you think?


  1. i would have never thought of crayons as an ingredient in lipstick but it makes sense lol!

    and i think it would be cool to try out diy's and post the results on your blog. i dig it :)

  2. I would love to see you try DIY's on your blog!

  3. hmm very interesting

  4. WOW... interesting! I think you should do more DIY like this. I think it wold be a cool feature.

    I'm a FN sponsor (dirty laundry). I just wanted to stop by and say hello! But I got sidetracked by the crayon lipstick.

    Stay creative!

  5. very interesting!! I would love to see more unusual DIYs.

  6. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Huh. I've never thought of using crayons for lipstick before. (Not that I wear lipstick...that might be why)

    But that's a crazy-awesome idea. I'm glad it turned out well, at least!

    I, personally, would read funny DIY posts - so go for it! It sounds cool! =)

  7. The DIY would be great!!
    Newest follower. :)
    I am visiting from Freckled Nest!
    Great Blog!

  8. How fun!! That looks like something fun to craft up with my little niece. Thanks for sharing!

  9. ha! i loved this! so fun. yes, make it a habit :)

  10. stopping by from FN!...
    wow what an interesting idea! the DYI would be awesome!

  11. I just found your blog thru a link from Freckled Nest. I'm so intrigued and surprised at the idea of lipstick from crayons! Kudos to you for trying it!


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