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i think i'm going out of my head...

Seriously. I'm losing my mind. My brain isn't functioning properly.


Today I needed to set up some cards for our church's family vacation Bible school. So I went to grab the disc, and...what? It was gone! We searched everywhere for it. Finally, I found it. It was already in my computer. As in, I put it in there, and within a few minutes had forgotten. Duh.

Oh, and then I looked in the mirror and discovered that my shirt was on backwards. Nice.

YIP2010 - 099

On a happier note, look at these goodies that I got from my Feeling Stitchy embroidered button swap partner! They are so great...and I can't wait to try that lovely pearl cotton for A Stitching Game...

Last little bit of good news. I got some buttons created and there is code and everything! Thank you the assistance with that! The buttons are there in the right sidebar. Feel free to grab one and add it to your blog sidebar. And if other sizes are preferred, please let me know!

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  1. Oooh, I love those gorgeous buttons! You inspire me so much. When I go shopping at craft stores and thrift stores, I find myself looking for pretties similar to what you make or show here on your blog. Thanks so much for helping me get in touch with my more creative side!


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