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getting ready to update the shop...

I REALLY need to get away from this computer. My back is telling me to. But...I've been working on new things and they are about ready to be shared. Tonight I'll be updating my shop with some fun new things!

office workers

Office Workers! These supplies and tools are hard workers, and should never be taken for granted. I've honored them with their own digital collage sheet, and an embroidery pattern.

Baseball Kit

Baseball! You all have been so sweet as I've been talking about this whole, sports thing this spring. So unlike me. Anyway, to go with this all American sport, there is an embroidery pattern, a digital collage sheet, and something new. A digital kit. This is like the collage sheet, but each element is a separate file. Also, it comes with some digital tags and papers.

YIP2010 - 110

And then there's this. Doodles and Dreams. These are different from the style of my other patterns, because they have multiple thin lines...sort of like how you might doodle in a notebook. I sort of want to cover something with these embroidered doodles!

Another something new with these: digital stamps. With the stamp set, each doodle comes in its own file to use in different ways.

Doodles and Dreams

I love making new things and I love sharing them! How about a quick giveaway? This will last until I update the shop late tonight. So...leave a comment with your name and your favorite office supply, sport or thing to doodle...and you'll win something fun from my new update!

Comments are closed now...Winners have been chosen!


  1. Hmmm, my fave office supply are paperclips and those bigger jaw clip thingies. Lol. I attach so much junk to my planner.


  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I really love the doodles & dreams set. embroidery pattern & digital stamps.

    and office supplies. oh yes!

    pick meeeee to win those (i'd want the baseball except i don't like that sport)! or just send them my way anyway ;)

    xoxo Mollie!


  3. My favorite office supply has got to be binder clips .... I use them not only for papers, but I use them to hold crochet pieces together (when sewing seams), sometimes in lieu of pins for sewing projects ... they really are hard workers!

  4. Office supplies are so addictive! I love fine tip pens, and sharpies- don't even get me started on sharpies! I bought the coolest stapler when I lived in Italy- it's small, and you you it with one hand (like a scissor, but it's a stapler)...

  5. There is absolutely nothing better than a brand new notebook - imagine the possibilities!!

    Thanks for all of your great designs, I look forward to seeing what new, fun & cute things you've come up with every day. Keep up the AWESOME work!!!

  6. My favorite office supply is the three-hole-punch. Mine is quite old and you have to stand up to get the right leverage to use it but it means things are getting done and filed away. I have an addiction with coloring in letters, does that count as doodling?
    Keep up the amazing work! - Lindsey

  7. I love office supplies. Right now my favorite is probably post-its. I use them to leave notes all over my desk and notebooks and to mark pages and all sorts of things.

  8. my favorite sport is baseball! actually it is the only sport i will even watch! all of your patterns are adorable!

  9. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Office supply stores can be a dangerous place for me... I love notebooks, pens, and especially post-it-note book flag thingies. I think it is all the pretty colours and possibilities for new creativity that gets me!

  10. I love pretty stationary and paper clips! And I adore your designs, so I hope I win!! Hugs!!

  11. i wish it were the 1960s so i could say typewriter...or date stamper...but in 2010, i would have to say post-it notes (the pop-up kind!)

  12. I'm a sucker for paper clips. It's the curves and the colours!

    Love the new designs!

  13. *grin*

    I love all office supplies. Sometimes I joke that office supply stores are like candy stores for me. I think my favorite supply, though, is paper. I love all kinds - I have so many notebooks and I even make more for myself and my friends.

    (Also, I love AAA baseball and college level baseball. The players still believe in the game and they're still having fun. Plus, I get to sit in the sun on a grassy field and knit or embroider or draw and eat a picnic. What's not to love?)


  14. i love love your stuff.
    and like you i am also struggling to get away from my laptop. should really enjoy this lovely australian autumn day outside.

  15. i love the skull & crossbones in the digital stamps...i wear them when i can on my clothing and my sons always look for them when they're looking for a gift for me...i guess i'm a pirate at heart!
    i love to look at your posts (nearly everyday) to see what you've got to show off.