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fancy up your camera strap...

For Christmas, I made a camera strap cover for my sister. It's really cool, and I kinda wish that I had made it for myself, and something else (even a different strap cover) for her. The fabric was IKEA fabric, and although I have more, I don't want to have the same thing as her. (We have the same camera, so we don't want to get them confused!)

Then I had an idea for something a little different for my strap:

camera strap tab idea

A little tab that adds just a little something to my camera! We'll call it an accessory. It's simple to make, and adds a little bit of fun!

camera strap tab supplies

You'll need: felt and embroidery floss. I used my Fiskars scalloped fabric shears, but that's optional. (I will say, if you are able to come across these scissors, you'll love them!)

camera strap tab

Cut a rectangle of felt about 2" x 5". (Of course, you can vary this.) Fold it in half around your strap so that you can get an idea where you to place the embroidery, then stitch on a little design. Mine is just a free stitched heart.

camera strap tab

To make it a nice, snug fit, fold the felt around your strap, and stitch it in place. Don't stitch through the strap, but really close to it.

camera strap tab

Once it's sewn together, trim the edge with scallops or pinking shears, or whatever shape you like. You've got a sweet little tab on your camera!

YIP2010 - 104

If you stitched it close enough, it won't just slide off, but it will be removable. Just fold the strap in half to take the tab off. This way, you could make different tabs for different occasions. Or as my sister pointed out, they could be like badges that you earn as you learn new photography techniques!


  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    this is so freaking cute! I love it!

  2. Anonymous9:33 PM

    i think this is marvelous! definitely going on my to-do list!
    thanks for the idea, :)

  3. This idea is awesome! Do you have pictures of your sister's strap somewhere?

  4. Lauren, I've still never taken a picture of the cover that I made for Anna, but it was using this tutorial: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2009/06/diy-wednesdays-camera-strap-cover.html

  5. very cute idea! I'm visiting from Leigh-Ann's blog today and just added your etsy shop to my favorites. I love your designs and I'm always looking for new recipe cards (it's an obsession.. always on the hunt for cute recipe cards!) xo

  6. Ah, cool. I had seen that tutorial on d*s. But now I think I'll use your tab idea. ;) Thanks!

  7. I just made a bunch of these to decorate my thread baskets, my sewing machine bag and my "to do" basket. Love them!


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