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baseball season...

baseball sketches

Given the fact that I blogged about baseball yesterday, and now this today, I might look a little bit like a fan. I suppose I am a little, but trust me, I'm not a big sports fan. Really. Please don't disqualify me from the hip, indie craft scene for this.

For some time, my brother (the real sports nut!) has been trying to convince me to create a set of baseball characters. And I think I may give in. I have some sketches, and so this will be a goal for the week. Create baseball characters for patterns and other goodies.

Now, any baseball item requests for this set?


  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    well, it looks like you have the basics. :)
    of course, you could always add:
    home plate

  2. no shame in loving a little baseball!

    but yes, you are disqualified.


  3. looks like fun! You're not disqualified in my book... sometimes we just have to do something for the sports fans in our lives. :)

  4. How about hockey themed sets? Here's to hoping the Blackhawks pull it out!


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