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a stitched ring...

embroidered olive ring

For some reason, felt as a medium for jewelry has really appealed to me lately. It was this that brought me to the idea of felt ring. Perhaps with a button. Or maybe just a felt shape of some sort on top. And then, once I got there, I thought...it should be embroidered! And here we are.

This was a great way for me to try out one of my new Teeny Tiny Embroidery patterns that will come out soon (yes, that was a commercial for them!). But you could do any small design. I'd suggest something that is about 1" high or less.

So, here's how you can make one!

embroidered ring supplies

You'll need felt (wool felt will hold up longer), embroidery floss, and an embroidery pattern (Download the Olive here).


Start by tracing your pattern onto tracing paper. Trim around the embroidery pattern to make a cutting pattern. Cut out two pieces of felt from this pattern.


Stitch your pattern through the paper and both pieces of felt. When you're done, carefully tear away the paper.

ring strip and charm

measuring the strip
wrapping the strip twice

Next you'll need to cut a strip of felt for the ring part. Make a strip and wrap it around your finger twice, and make sure that it overlaps just a bit. Mine is about .75" wide and 5.5" long.

stitching the ring

Stitch it in place where the ends overlap.

charm stitched in place

Now you get to sew on the little embroidered piece. Showing this is a little tricky, but basically, you're just attaching the ring part to the embroidered part. But make sure that you only sew through the back layer of your embroidered piece. Stitch it nice and secure.

finished felt ring

Trim your threads and you've got a new ring!

Believe it or not, this is the first time I've stitched an olive! And I get to wear it...so fun!


  1. Awesome! I am inspired with this. I have couple of beautiful buttons. May be I will try to use them as a ring like this. Thanks a lot for sharing this idea.

  2. Man that is cute. And thanks for reminding me about the tracing paper stitching. I enjoy your blog.

  3. Adorable! And a great tutorial to boot!

  4. Anonymous10:02 AM

    So very sweet!

  5. Way too cute. I may have to try this one.


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