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starting max's present...

YIP2010 - 088

See this jumble of supplies? The plan for this gift is just as jumbled.

What I would like to make is a play mat. I've thought roads, but train tracks are more his thing. But what else? Just tracks or roads could be blah. Or it could make it much more flexible for his very active imagination.

And then there's the finishing, and does it need a bag/pocket? Or loops to cinch it with? Or? I really need to get it together.

But then, it feels like a less than creative day all around at my house. Not a bad day, just not an oooh-I've-got-a-great-idea! day. It will come...hopefully soon.

In the meantime, the cat seems to be much more inspired by the blank canvas...!

blank canvas


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Nothing like a little kitty checking out the craft supplies (I think mine love my supplies as much as I do!)

  2. left you a comment on Buzz if that's ok.


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