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running through my head...

Rueful Record embroidered patch

It occurred to me after I posted yesterday, that the post title ("don't go changing") may seem a little ambiguous. Allow me to explain...

When I work on projects, sketches, etc., I frequently end up with a song running through my head. Yesterday's change purse produced the song, "Don't Go Changing". The connections are sometimes a little strange, and yet, they work for me.

Sometimes, a some comes to mind that is related in theme. Like when I was drawing up the Solar System Set, all I could think of "Interplanet Janet" from Schoolhouse Rock. Funny, because I hadn't heard the song in years.

Other times, the songs end up influencing the work. My set called "Falling on My Head" is a good example of this. From the moment I started working on it, I could head the words of B.J. Thomas' song, "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head".

That embroidery up there is from a few years ago, and is a pattern that has never really come to be. I keep thinking that it should, but I've never finished it. Maybe I just need the right song to bring it along!


  1. I love that little record!!!

  2. Hi Mollie,
    How about, "You Spin my Heart Around" or something like that. Very cute! I think you should turn it into a pattern.
    Love your work!


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