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new fabric...

YIP2010 - 074

I can't tell you how excited I was to receive this in the mail today! There was a delay in my order, so it feels like I've been waiting a long time...but at last! Butterfly fabric from Spoonflower! I ended up printing both designs, and I really can't tell which I like better. I love them.

Above you can see the scale difference. I should have put something else in there for reference, but the polka dots are roughly the size of a nickel. And the colors! They came out just as I wanted them. My pictures are close to accurate...although in the real deal, the yellow background is a little creamier.

You can find both designs at Spoonflower. Here and here.

butterfly small

butterfly large

And for those who offered their feedback when I showed these potential designs, I opted not to print the Road Trippers right now. Perhaps at some point though...


  1. It's beautiful! Came out so well, what will you be making with it?

  2. I'm not sure yet...

    When I designed it, strangely enough, I thought it would make a cute little table cloth/runner. My mom likes to have fabric that goes with homeschool lessons, and so I thought it would make a nice cloth to go along with a spring, insect or life cycle unit...

  3. those are so cute. I love the mopey cocoons :)

  4. Anonymous6:00 AM

    WOW! awesome fabric! you did a great job...what will you do with it?

  5. Very cute. Super design.


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