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landmarks are ready to stitch...

Remember those landmarks that you voted on a week or so ago? (You did vote, right?) Well, I got to making the patterns. Yay! When I actually started drawing them up, I realized that they would have to be a little larger than I first imagined. Landmarks and architecture require at least some detail, which is difficult to stitch too small. So it turned out that seven landmarks would fit nicely on a page.

YIP2010 - 077

The top seven that were voted on (in order) were: Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty, Great Pyramids, Golden Gate Bridge, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China. But I looked at all of these and...I made an artistic decision. I nixed the Great Wall, and jumped to number eight: the Sydney Opera House.

This weekend I'll start stitching. If you look closely at the picture, you might notice something extra. This is what makes this pattern unique. Just for fun, I'll send this embroidery pattern (as soon as it is finalized) to the first person to guess what makes this new set extra special. (I'll give you a hint...Last month I posted some favorite finds that inspired this pattern!)

Eek! This is going to be a fun one!


  1. Is it a snowdome? Please say it's a snowdome! That would be so awesome...

  2. I think it's from the snowdome post too. I don't know if it's a snowdome or if it's the Space Needle. Oh well, here goes nothing...

  3. It IS a snowdome! There are two snowdome shapes so that you can add them to the landmarks! (I think that I'll be stitching gold glitter to go with the pyramids...)

    So...ladies, send me an email and as soon as the pattern is finished, I'll send it to you!

    molliejohanson [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. This will be so much fun! What a great idea, Mollie!

  5. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Rome? Italian Village?

  6. Anonymous9:21 AM

    I totally missed the snowdome. I kept looking and thinking, I don't see a snow dome. Now I see it. And I didn't read all of the comments--if I had I would have seen that you confirmed it was a snowdome. And I guess all of your pieces have faces, don't they? Someone is a little slow this morning... So anyway, that's why I deleted my previous comment. Have fun stitching!

  7. Anonymous9:38 AM

    too cute! i LOVE this idea, mollie! i'll have to wait for it to hit the store.

  8. Grandmama taught me to embroider (that really started something!) and my Grandad made me my Dolls House. And I still wish, sometimes, that Grandmama were still alive to see whatever project I am working on at the moment..


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