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check and check...

Snowdomes Of The World

I did it! I finished up those embroideries! The Great Pyramids snowdome was lots of fun, and I'm really happy that I went with the beads. Really happy!

YIP2010 - 083
x marks the spot

And here are my stitched up ABC Teeny Tinies. There are lot these that I just love, but the Juice Box is certainly in the top three (along with the Underwear and Viking Hat, I think...)

Even though these started out to just be embroidery patterns, I decided that they had other potential. So I've also set up printable cards with letters and numbers. Aren't they cute? Hopefully they'll even help some little people I know to learn their letters.

ABC Teeny Tiny Cards

Now that I've checked these fun things off of my list, I'll probably be adding these new items to the shop tomorrow. And then, I think it's time that I work on something fun for the Mailing A-List...


  1. The juice box is so adorable! I love your newest designs too. Glad today is better than Monday!

  2. That juice box is the cutest thing ever.

  3. cutest little stitches!

  4. Kirby S.12:39 AM

    these are all adorable!! you make the cutest little designs =)

  5. The beads look great with the pyramids! I'll bet crystal beads will look good with stitched snow for some of the colder climate scenes, too.

  6. Gorgeous embroidery! So inspiring!


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