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baby steps...

Thank you for the lovely encouragement yesterday! Some Mondays, I tell ya. Really, I often have good Mondays, where I look forward to the week. But sometimes a lot just seems to hit you.

coming along...

That feeling of having a lot coming at you at once has been present in my making and in other work. I have a few things started, but it's taking a long time to finish things. Simple things. Why is that?

My stitching of the Snowdomes of the World progresses slowly. Nearly all of the main stitching is done, and what is left is pretty much faces, and "snow".

YIP2010 - 082

Since you don't see much real snow in Egypt, I'm thinking glitter. (You've seen snowdomes like that, right?) I had thought about using metallic thread, but it is my nemesis. So I picked through some seed beads, and I'll be using those instead. Fun, yes?

Once this is finished, it will get photographed, and then I can put it in the shop. But not until I get done with this stitching!

getting ready...

Another project that is almost done is my new ABC Teeny Tinies pattern. I've stitched a few of the patterns, and so have others, but it's still waiting on my embroidering the sample for the Etsy picture. Stitch, Mollie, Stitch!

The good news is, even though things are happening slowly, they are still happening. I am taking baby steps. Now, what do you think...can I finish a project or two by tomorrow? What are you close to finishing?

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  1. Cute! I'm getting really excited for the Snowdomes of the World.


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