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the week ahead...

Happy Sunday!

I've been thinking about things for this week, and I'm loving the things that I'll be sharing here.

an idea

Above is a peek at an idea that I had late last night, and will be trying out. It will involve some sewing. By hand, of course. And a companion project has been on my mind, using recycled cereal boxes. Fun!

And then today, I did some printing with foam plates, and will do more with other colors. The good light has gone now, so pictures will have to follow for this.

Oh, and I've been compiling items for a de-stash giveaway. Or two or three. This week. Check back for these, because you never know when they'll pop up...

Lastly, I've been talking with Alison at The Sampler, and will soon be blogging weekly over at their blog. This means that I probably will take one day off here, but we'll see...

I gotta tell ya...sometimes Sunday afternoons are not my favorite thing, but when it looks like a good blog week, it's a whole other story. Man, I'm looking forward to this week!

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