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snowdome favorites...

snowdomes that i'm am loving...

1. DSCN1037, 2. DSCN1111, 3. The Final Illusion - Snowdome, 4. Penguin Parade - Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia, 5. The world in a snowdome, 6. Snowglobes!, 7. Helsinki - Finland, 8. New York in Oxford, 9. Snowglobe update, 10. Untitled, 11. Souvenir Snow Globes, 12. Space Needle Snow Globe, 13. Paris (211/365), 14. Snow globes, 15. Bemidji, Minnesota Snow Globe, 16. The Snow Globes

Today I was doing some drawing, working on a set of illustrations that are road trip themed (Thanks Liz!). And I was thinking about souvenirs, and then all of a sudden I was caught up in the glory that is snowdomes! A bit of Flickr searching, and I have some lovely little trinkets for you to view. You'll really want to check some of these out large...they are so fun!


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