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the second de-stash winner...

Oh, my! I have loved reading about the supplies that you love and the ones you have too much of! When I was little, I remember going to my aunt's house, and she had a sewing room. Well, really it was a fabric room. No kidding, the space was full. Talk about a stash!

I will say, between my mom and I, we have more felt than we could ever use. (But can I part with it? Only a little.)

Now, the winner of the second giveaway...is Louise! (mama to three silly birds) Congrats, Louise! Send your mailing address to molliejohanson [at] gmail [dot] com, and I'll mail prizes out at the end of the week!

By the way, I'm embarrassed to say that I mistyped yesterday's winner. It was RubyJunes, not RubyJones. Oops! Be sure to check out her adorable blog.

More fun stuff coming later today!


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  2. congrats, Louise! And a huge thanks to Wild Olive for the giveaway(s)! I'm so tickled to be a winner! Stop in to my blog for a visit...

  3. Wow! Thank you, Mollie! I can't believe I actually won!! That really made my day!


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