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making pompoms...and messes...

pompom flower brooch

So much making...

It's been a great time for little ideas coming along, and getting excited about making them come to be. Saturday night I had this idea based on these pompom flowers. If they looked cute on stems in vases, then certainly as a brooch they would be adorable.

The colors I chose were different than I envisioned, but it's what I had around on Sunday afternoon. Some vintage bittersweet red yarn, and a bit of chartreuse wool felt, and I was good.

pompom flower brooch

But while I loooooove making crafty things, they end up leaving messes. Or maybe it's me that leaves the messes.

You know all those great blogs where people show their work spaces, and they look fabulous? No matter where I work on projects, this is what my space looks:

YIP2010 - 032

I'm like Pig-Pen. The mess follows me.

But if it allows me to make fun stuff, I guess I can deal with it...


  1. My work space looks quite similar. I just don't understand, how some people can create something beautiful without creating a mess, too. :)

  2. lol, your desk looks like mine! Even if I tidy it up, the mess is back in 2 days :D

  3. No judgement of your workspace - it's a workspace for goodness sake! Yes, some part of me/us love looking at other people's desks - very cool of you to share.

    The flowers look pretty cool too!

  4. This is so cute.

    The only reason my work space stays tidy is because at the moment it's my bed in my student house, so I have to tidy it away otherwise I can't get to sleep!


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