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fabric for spring...


I've caught the fabric design bug again, and have been working on some new designs. They use some of the illustrations that I recently created. I don't have a definite plan yet for any of these, but since they whatever I choose will likely be available for sale, I'd love to hear what you think. (You can see how they look in repeat here...scroll down)

Which do you like?

Are coordinating fabrics needed?

What would you change?

How would you use any of these?

I also set up a design for Solar System fabric, but I'm not sure that I like how the colors would probably come out. (Spoonflower can't print all colors) You can see the design here. We'll see...

At any rate, I find that I do love making these patterns. Maybe these repeating patterns could be used for other things too....hmm...


  1. I love the butterfly designs. They caught my eye as soon as the page loaded, in a way the road trip designs didn't. :)

  2. I collect fabrics with roads on them. They keep my three-year-old busy. He is way into hot wheels and a lap blanket in the car with roads all over it is a great way to pass the time traveling.

  3. The butterfly images caught my eye, as well-I loved the vintage-inspired colors, and I think the design on the right would make some awesome pot holders. While simple colors (brown, lime green, white, etc) would make a lovely contrast for projects (and would be easy enough to find), I think offering coordinating fabrics with like colors and a different pattern (stripes or plain dots, perhaps?) would be really cool as well.

  4. I love the butterfly s too. I would use it for quilts of baby clothes and agree with devorageller that some coordinated fabric would be great - like smaller spots with out the butterfly's on it, stripes, plain colour with just butterfly's on it - so you could make a whole quilt or something with the range. :)

  5. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I LOVE them all! Especially the butterfly. Looks like that's the favorite...

  6. Would make fantastic wrapping paper, too!


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