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embroidered trunk...

World Traveled Trunk

You may remember that a week or so ago, I mentioned a project involving a trunk. This is it! Not working on an actual one, but rather, an embroidered one.

I had hoped to have this pattern all stitched and done by last Monday's shop update. Alas, it took longer than I wanted. But it's done now, and in the shop! There is a lot of tiny stitching on this, but it was entirely worth it. I love those little labels!

YIP2010 - 050

And I feel a little silly with this. When I embroider on felt or canvas, I like to stitch through paper, instead of trying to transfer/trace. Only recently did I make the switch to using tracing paper to stitch through. And Hello! It makes it sooo much easier to remove the paper when I'm done. Why did it take me so long to figure that out?


  1. Mollie, I like to trace my pattern on to "press and seal" found in the grocery store. then press it to your fabric, stitch through that and voila, it's easy to take off! Susan in Oregon

  2. I love this so much. What a great idea using tracing paper---I'll remember that next time I embroider on canvas.
    ~Christine H.

  3. I love it! I mentioned it on my blog last Wednesday, and I borrowed a picture. please let me know if that's not okay with you. So cute!


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